“ With Spade, my team is going to work alongside our internal stakeholders. We're getting involved at the start of projects and we're being proactive about Strategic Sourcing. ”

Head of Procurement at a public company

On a mission to empower buyers

The average company has over 130 software vendors. For each of these decisions, stakeholders will spend weeks agonizing over what software to choose. Then they'll then lob the deal over the fence to Procurement at the very end.

Spade helps teams work together throughout the Sourcing process. We help stakeholders cut through the noise and find the right vendors for their problem (You can think of us almost as a “Wirecutter for SaaS.”) We help Procurement teams handle the negotiations. And finally, we help larger companies get more proactive and stay on top of their Sourcing pipeline.

Spade launched in 2022 and is headquartered in New York City. It is led by Nisha Swarup, who previously worked at Google and studied Computer Science at Harvard.