Vendor Intelligence for growing companies

Empower your Procurement team. Quickly find the best vendors, negotiate effectively, and monitor your relationships over time.


No context, no problem

Quickly understand any vendor category, from the high-level business impact to detailed information about the vendors in the space.

Choose wisely.
We don't just tell you what's best of breed, we help you make the right decision for your business.
Get data.
From customer data to integration data, get the information you need to feel confident.
Save time.
We cut to the chase, with research that fits on a single page.
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Do better than your budget

Impress your team by saving more money against your awarded budget.

Cutting-edge techniques.
We've collaborated with the best Heads of Procurement in the industry, to develop cutting-edge negotiation techniques.
Do more without adding headcount.
You can uplevel your team's potential so that Spade very quickly pays for itself.
Set levers.
Select which levers your negotiations strategy will revolve around.
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Stay ahead of deals

Get clear insight into your company's budding vendor relationships, without relying on your internal stakeholders.

Coach your team.
Prevent damaged deals that cost money, and use them as coaching opportunities.
Deals Dashboard.
See all deals in the strategic sourcing pipeline across your company -- before a stakeholder even reaches out to you.
Work with your team to set guidelines for each deal, and improve the perception of Procurement.
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Find better vendors today.

Take the headache out of vendor selection and negotiation with Spade. Get comprehensive data, RFP templates, price benchmarks, negotiation guides, and more.

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